The Biophilic Cities Network is a global partnership created by Dr. Tim Beatley in the Department of Urban and Environmental Planning at the University of Virginia. The network is currently comprised of cities, communities and towns that are dedicated to improving the way nature is incorporated into urban environments and enhancing the connection residents have with it.

The network provides the opportunity to coordinate with other cities and towns leading the efforts toward a greener and healthier future for urban areas.

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the Biophilic Cities Network, please visit their website.

"The Biophilic Cities Network intends to connect people all over the world, both ordinary citizens and urban leaders, desiring to welcome more nature, and greater love of nature, into urban life. The network will complement existing networks and organizations, and offer a unique opportunity to share best practices and develop a stronger global attitude toward embracing
nature in cities."

- Biophilic Cities Network

"An important distinction between the majority of existing networks and the Biophilic Cities Network is an explicit focus on increasing the presence of and opportunity to connect with all forms of nature in cities, rather than a broader focus on climate adaptation and sustainability more generally (although these goals are certainly addressed by the aims and intent of the Biophilic Cities Network). Additionally, the Biophilic Cities Network is not intended exclusively to promote “urban greening” (green rooftops, green streets, green walls, etc.) but rather adopts a more holistic view of the definition of “nature,” embracing all aspects of urban ecology, from the tiniest invisible microbes, to urban wildlife habitats, to increasing our connection with the wonders of the night sky."
-from the Guidelines for Participation in the Biophilic Cities Network